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Happy to 102
The Best Kept Secrets to a Long and Happy Life
The Handbook of Live-in Care
A Guide for Caregivers
From Hospital to Home Care
A Step by Step Guide to Providing Care to Patients Post Hospitalization
mind over grey matter mind over grey matter
The Five Senses
A Sensible Guide to Sensory Loss
Mind Over Grey Matter
A New Approach to Dementia Care
The Senior Sleep Solution
A Guide to Improving Sleep in Later Life
The Cognitive Therapeutics Method™
Non-Pharmacological Approaches to Slowing the Cognitive and Functional Decline Associated with Dementia
The Brain Boost:

A Practical Guide to Brain Health
Dr. Kathy Johnson
Lily Sarafan
President, Chief Executive Officer
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Home Care Assistance: Changing the Way the World Ages

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Home Care Assistance Caregiver Biography

ABC-7 Interview with COO and Happy to 102 Co-Author Lily Sarafan (09-22-2009)

NBC’s Natalie Morales Thanks Home Care Assistance Caregiver